Garden- and landscape architecture

You can count on Lavendine for the design, landscaping and the maintenance of your garden. In this respect, we constantly adhere to two points of departure: first of all, your surroundings, and secondly, your uniqueness as a customer.

Some feedback from our customers:

A super team! Friendly and correct. Lavendine always does what it promises and monitors the health of my beautiful garden.

Excellent service and support. And I am delighted with my beautiful koi pond. Super easy filter system!

I was extremely satisfied with the workshops. Great! They were very enjoyable, and I look forward to more.

Very pleasant and welcoming – what I most liked about the workshops was discovering new plants and seeing how the plan of your garden materialises.

The ambiance during the workshops was extremely pleasant, cosy, and very friendly. I learnt a lot. The excursion to a Belgian top nursery was super and, what I liked most of all, was the evolution of my garden plan.

Our vision

Designing a garden starts from the desire to achieve perfect unity, looking for that special moment of amazement. It your inner search for peace and harmony, in stark contrast with the fast-paced, chaotic world.

A garden design symbolizes the excitement relating to a fantasy, a vision and the perception in your mind.

It is a quest for perfect shapes. Constantly analysing the attributes of living sculptures.

Inspiration is in plentiful supply in the sky and clouds, through the seasons, in the transition from day to night.

Every garden deserves your and our special attention.

Hilde Goyvaerts